Your name is your “brand” and the website your showcase
But people have to be able to find you!
the website is nothing if nobody knows where it is

The Internet has changed the dynamics of the music business forever,

necessitating a change in marketing techniques.

The following services are all designed to maximise the effect of Internet Music Marketing:

My Internet Music

Everyone is telling you to step-up your use of social media to connect with fans and to reach them where they congregate, online.

My Internet Music helps you do just that!

Internet Music Events

If you don't tell them, and tell them properly - they won't come!

One thing has not changed – the magic of live performance…

Internet Music Videos

One minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words

- and that is a lot of writing!

Online video marketing is the best use of your time and energy.

Internet Music Newsroom

By cleverly interfacing with all current social networking and major marketing channels The Internet Music Newsroom is able to give unparalleled access to the widest possible global markets.

Be seen, be heard, be successful...

Internet Music News

Internet Music News are compiling the latest releases and current events, charts, music downloads, and artist features on the Internet

So you dont have to

Internet Music Agency

The essence of an old fashion music agency with all the Internet trimmings giving it a highly successful network in todays music industry

Our IRL network - an unfair advantage…




The Internet has also changed the marketing business forever,

you need innovative technology - just to cut through all the white noise!

The following technologies are all crucial in supporting the Internet Music Services:

The Content Cloud

To deliver content wherever - all the time, you need a very efficient way of accessing it and a very efficient way of delivering it

The Content Cloud does exactly that!

Responsive design

In 2014, it is expected that mobile browsing on the Internet surpass the traditional desktop

mobile makes sure that your content looks and sounds the same as on desktop.

Video Production

With our technology and support systems the cost of video production and delivery - is available to everybody!

Internet Music delivers it all

E-mail delivery

Internet Music email is a cloud-based email delivery service. Internet Music manages all of the technical details, from scaling the infrastructure to reputation monitoring to whitelist services and real time analytics.

So you don't have to!

Internet security

As Internet security threats continue to evolve - Spam, viruses, and spyware cause significant problems for consumers and businesses.

Internet Music can help decrease these threats.

Physical Marketing

Internet Music Tap Touch me is the newest way to connect with your mobile fans using digital content in the physical world.

Just taptouch the poster with your mobile to be connected!


The combination of visonary technology insight

and a lifetime in the music industry ensures the success...


Contact us in the easiest way for you, the answer will be as fast as possible!

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